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The Office Awards
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1st-Oct-2006 06:23 pm - round 3 noms...
i don't have time right now to do the whole list, but i wanted to get this one nomiated!

30th-Sep-2006 08:30 pm - Round 02 Winners & Round 03 Begins!
music: don't ever want to pretend
Congratulations to all the Winners!

You Have Won a Tiny Dundieeeeee!!!!!!!!Collapse )

Round 03 NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! So get nomming!! The nomination period will last from September 30th to October 21th!
22nd-Sep-2006 01:40 pm - Round 02 Voting!
music: don't ever want to pretend
Voting for Round 02!!!!!!!!! Yay! Results will be posted next Friday, so that gives everyone a week to vote!

If you are a racist, I will attack you with the north.Collapse )
15th-Sep-2006 11:22 pm - Extension! WEEE!!!!
music: don't ever want to pretend
So, I have been absolutely slammed this week with school and work, and since I've been busy and we don't have that many noms I've decided to extend the Noms for one more week! SO get your nominations in by September 22 (I think I meant for the noms to last three weeks, but I only made it two)!!! So there is an extension...yay?...yes, yay! Sorry to anyone who got them in on time and was expecting to vote this week.
15th-Sep-2006 12:49 pm - Noms!
[hp] 1 2 3
I had these saved up for a while, so there are lots of them :D

Do you mean The Hunt for Red October?Collapse )
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