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Geesh. So it's definitely been a few weeks since the deadline for… 
5th-Nov-2006 05:36 pm
music: don't ever want to pretend
Geesh. So it's definitely been a few weeks since the deadline for Round Three, and as you may have noticed, I have not put the poll up. I'm trying to balance work, school, family time, and staying on top of watching my favorite shows (such as the Office) that it's been hard to keep up with the comm. Midterm week turned into something more like midterm month. I have a test on Tuesday, but I'm off work that day, and I promise I will get the voting up for Round 03! I'm so sorry about the wait you guys! I'm going to get back on top of it. Also, if you want to pimp the group out to some of your flist that watches the office so we can get a few more noms, that would be delicious.

Thanks for being patient.

Basically the new Deadline for Round Three is Tuesday November 7!
6th-Nov-2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
is there anything you'd like me to do?
7th-Nov-2006 11:56 pm (UTC)
nope. I'm about to post the poll. I kept meaning to ask you or aurora320 if either of you could do it for me, but I kept forgetting! But I'm good now. I finished my last test for at least a week today, so yay for some actual spare time! Thanks! I'll let you know if I need help next time!
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